Frequently asked questions

  • Are you open all year?
    Yes, we are open 365 days a year.
    Opening hours for dropping off and picking up are 8.30-10am and 5-6.30pm.


  • Are you insured?
    We have insurance covering full public liability, veterinary costs and travel.


  • I have misplaced my cats vaccination record, what should I do?
    You will need to contact the veterinary practice where the vaccinations were given and ask for a replacement card showing their vaccination history and not just their last booster. We cannot accept cats into the cattery without seeing evidence of their vaccination.


  • Are you able to administer medication to my cat?
    We are happy to give or apply any medication that has been prescribed by your vet at no extra charge. Please ensure that you bring enough of the prescription to cover the duration of your booking.


  • Do you take a deposit?
    No, we do not charge deposits at the time of the booking because we are convinced that if we treat our clients with integrity they will do the same to us. However we do have a strict cancellation policy, please read our Terms and Conditions page


  • Is your cattery outside?
    No, each pen has a raised chalet/sleeping area and a secured ground floor exercise area, accessed by a cat flap or steps.


  • My cat is on a special diet, can you cater for their dietary requirements?
    Special dietary needs can be catered for, you will have to supply your cat’s food.


  • Can my cat see outside?
    Each pen has a raised snooze shelf with a good view into the garden.


  • Are your cattery pens cleaned regularly?
    Our units under go a deep clean after every cat departure and are disinfected with a feline friendly veternary disifectant prior to your cats arrival. They are also freshened regularly through out the day. Litter trays are cleaned as soon as they become soiled.


  • Do you house other animals as well?
    No. We are only a cattery and don’t provide boarding for dogs or small pets.


  • I am going away in the winter, are the pens heated?
    The pens have thermostatically controlled underfloor heating. The entire complex is well ventilated throughout the year.


  • What payment methods do you have?
    We have a card machine for debit cards, good old fashioned cash and you can arrange a BACS transfer before boarding.


  • Will my cat get lots of attention?
    Your cats happiness is our priority and part of achieving that is to give your cats lots of fuss and attention. There are only 3 of us who work at the cattery so we get to know your cat really quickly, if they like cuddles, we like cuddles too!. You will always see us chatting and engaging with your cat, whether it is playing, fussing or giving them a brush. Of course there are also cats who like to be left alone or only engage with us if they want to, that's fine also, we will give them the space they need whilst monitoring.


  • Will you make sure my cat eats?
    We keep a close eyes on cats to make sure your cat is eating. Sometimes a cat may not eat when they first come in and it can take 24/48 hours to start eating, especially if it it their first visit. This is normal and when given something really choice and tasty they will start eating. We are used to fussy eaters in the cattery and have many things to temp them!


  • Can my cat have her own bed and bring some favourite toys?
    We recommend that you bring your cat’s favourite bed, especially as it will have some familiar smells of home on it. There is plenty of room for your cat to play with any toys that they may want to bring.


  • My cat is quite elederly can you take her?
    Yes, All cats eventually get older and we have many cats that have been coming to us for a long time so Crannies Cattery is very capable of looking after your elderly cat.


  • What happens if my cat is ill?
    If we are concerned that your cat does not appear to be his normal self, we will contact your vet and follow their advice, which may involve a visit to the practice. We will also contact you and keep you updated. Any treatment provided by the vet will be at your expense.

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