Our Chalets


The elevated heated sleeping area in each unit is warm, snug and well insulated against the weather; the outside exercise area is covered with UV reflecting poly-carbonate sheeting ensuring plenty of natural light and fresh air.

During the winter months each pen has thermostatically controlled under floor heating. Extra heating is available for extreme cold.

Sneeze barriers are standard between units to ensure no risk of contact.

Bedding and toys are supplied, although we would encourage owners to bring their own to afford the familiarity of home for their loved ones.

​Each pen is thoroughly cleaned with veterinary disinfectant, and food and water bowls changed daily. 

Our premises are covered by CCTV and alarmed. A fire alarm system is linked to the house and tested on a regular basis.

All our pens are secure units, with their own access to an external exercise area and viewing platform overlooking the garden.